Rules For The Current Season

Welland Volleyball League Rules (PDF)


  1. Fee: $750.00/team for the season.
  2. no refund of this fee after the first night of league play
  3. A team may register as many players as they like.
  4. Each team must have a representative at any league meeting called by the executive.
  5. Each team must pick a reliable Captain and Co-Captain, if he/she has any problems or questions, they may contact any member of the Executive in writing or by phone.
  6. It is the responsibility of the Captain to ensure that their players abide by all League rules, and keep their teams informed of all information from the executive.

Player Eligibility

  1. Minimum age is 17 years
  2. The cut-off date for roster additions is December 1st. Players must be on the team roster.
  3. Players cannot be playing high school, college or varsity ball in the current volleyball season.
  4. The exception to the previous rule is for the Ladies B or Mixed B divisions, where high school players will be allowed to play if they are playing on their school team.
  5. Any team found to breaking the above rules will automatically lose their win points from previous games. The ineligible player will be suspended from the league.
  6. Players may play in two divisions, but they may not drop more than one division in fairness to weaker teams. A lower division may only pick up 2 players from a higher division.
  7. It is the consensus of the players of this league that pregnant females are not allowed to play. Anyone found to be in breech of this rule, will be considered an ineligible player and her team will automatically lose their win points from all previous games.
  8. A player may request a leave of absence for extenuating circumstances in writing to the League Executive. Approval of a Leave of Absence shall be at the discretion of the Executive and shall be considered on a case by case basis. If a leave is granted by the Executive it will not affect the attendance record of the player.

Injuries and Substitutions

  1. Players must be registered with the league and are eligible to play with only one team per division.
  2. A new player can replace a player who becomes pregnant or who is injured for the remainder of the schedule. Please notify the scorekeeper for your division of the name of the injured/pregnant player and the name of the replacement player. The replacement player will be considered ‘registered’ for the sake of point 1 above once added to the attendance sheet.
  3. If a player is injured on the court, a sitting teammate will take the position of the injured player. However, the Mixed Division are still required to have equal numbers of male and female players.

Playoff Eligibility

  1. Registered players must play at least half the season in order to qualify for play-offs.
  2. Exceptions can be made for Injuries and pregnancies:
    1. Teams are responsible for notifying scorekeepers of injuries/pregnancies.
    2. Replacement players for registered injured or pregnant players may be added at any time and must be noted on the scorekeeper’s roster sheets.
    3. The December deadline for picking up new players will not apply to this rule.
    4. The replacement player must play 50% of the remaining schedule in order to qualify for play-offs. However, if the injured player returns during the playoffs, the replacement player is not eligible to continue playing.
  3. For clarification: a registered player on a team’s roster who has not met the minimum game requirements for playoffs may not substitute for an injured player during playoffs.
  4. Attendance will be taken weekly by the scorekeeper to enforce these rules.

Game Rules

  1. Minimum of 4 players on the court at all times.
  2. Mixed teams cannot have more male than female players on the court at any time.
  3. Unless noted otherwise below, all O.V.A. rules will apply.
    1. There will be unlimited serves as set down by O.V.A. except in Mixed C and Ladies C divisions where there will be a 5 serve limit.
    2. Net serves are allowed (i.e. when the ball hits the net when served and goes over the net to the opposing side, the ball is in play).
    3. All divisions will play rally point matches.
    4. Substitution on to the floor will be done by rotation into the centre back position.
  4. Teams are expected to use good conduct to the referees, scorekeepers and other players.
  5. All referees calls are final and should not be argued. Only the captain is allowed to ask for clarification of a call.

Disorderly Conduct

  1. Any disorderly conduct (including drunkenness, unruly or boisterous conduct) will be handled by the referee, co-ordinator and/or any member of the executive present at the time of the incident.
  2. Captains will be directed to remove the offending player from the court.


  1. The floor captain must inform the referee that a protest is being lodged.
  2. Protests are to be recorded on the score sheet immediately.
  3. The captain is responsible for informing the executive in writing the full circumstances leading to this protest within 24 hours.
  4. The referee will also be required to submit a written report.
  5. The decision of the executive regarding the protest will be sent to the floor captain and the referee within one week of the submission of the written protest.
  6. All executive decisions are final.


  1. Any team who shows up with only three players or less will forfeit as follows:
    1. Game 1 is forfeited after a 5-minute grace period
    2. Game 2 is forfeited after 10 minutes; and
    3. Game 3 is forfeited after 15 minutes.
  2. All forfeited games points (one per game) will be awarded to the opposing team.
  3. Should a team forfeit on three consecutive nights, the Executive will review the continuation and possible expulsion of this team from the league.

Gym Rules

  1. The schedule will show that each team in turn will be scheduled to play the late games and it will be this team’s responsibility to take down and put away equipment, sweep/mop floors, pick up any garbage and bring the league’s equipment bag to the next game.
  2. Teams scheduled to play the first match will be responsible for setting up the equipment, tables and chairs for the refs and scorekeepers. It is imperative that you be at the school at least 15 minutes early for the janitors to let you in. Please be on time, as they will be expecting you.
  3. No children under the age of 14 without supervision are allowed in the school. This is a rule set down by the School Board. There will be no exceptions.
  4. Doors to the school must not be left ajar at anytime.
  5. Smoking and alcohol is prohibited on school premises by the Board of Education. Violations to this rule will result in loss of the League's permit.


  1. Notification of game cancellations due to weather or schedule changes will be:
    1. By email to team captains
    2. Posted on our Facebook page
    3. Posted on our website
  2. Cancellations will be for all games for that night (not individual games)
  3. Cancelled nights will be rescheduled at the discretion of the executive pending facility availability.
  4. Team must show up for any rescheduled matches or will the games will be forfeited.
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